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KRAP - a Product of Mankind
100.3 on the Playa
The Burning Man 2K

The KRAP trailer hitched to The Apollo, it Made it! Barely!

Arrival Tuesday afternoon late, after the engine fire...

Nothing like a warm shower on a cool day.

Our Camp, with the Womb to the left and weather comin' in!

Moon takes the mic, the vodka, and the show!

Glitter camp, next door, made for many wonderful sights...

Charly inviting those on the Playa to pick up the
White Courtesy Phone, which was tuned to KRAP!

The "Whirly Burner" full of fire and warm on cold days!

Says it all right there...


Jack SparX
bringing you the
Naked Truth !

To meet the man behind the legend, you can visit me, I'm John Dyer

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