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Burning Man 2004

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As anyone can see, Tim's STS is giving the Man a photon enema!

The place where reality began to get dicey.

The Lamplighters as they go about their nightly rounds

A Safe place for the child within to come out and play.





Aunt Flo and XXXX  sample dinner.


Many pretend to be artists.  Foxey is a REAL natural artist.



The Playa Sand Castle

A short voyage star cruiser


A reflective art piece.


Snow Cones were available up the stairs at the rear.

The sound system inside this car was playing "water music" by the Man


The Man and the Observatory

TB Wizard's reserved parking spot...

Our new tribe member's Solar and wind array.

The West side of the Tribe Camp

My Traffic Signal, myTesla Coil and my Apollo motor home

The East side of Tribe Camp


This was the mechanism burning off propane while not turned on.

The Vortex as it swirls 75 feet or so into the desert night.

Can you find Jim and Lisa?

Nice Desert Cactus with propane

This flower was 16 feet high and spewed a 20 foot blast of flame.

More tame, this locust? was pretty and dynamic, in a static way.

I am not sure what this was called


A three seated wheel within a wheel

Ya gotta love the Black Widow...

The Temple

Little House on the Playa...

Brad's Golden Pond... er Golden Shower!


Jim Bowers - Lead Artist - Clueless Leader           Nannette Scott - Project Superintendant

The Terrasphere - by day...


Can you pick out the code genius?

Jim addresses the Meeting of the Tribe.


The Eyes of Gawd returned to watch over Black Rock citizens, with some new expressions.


Displayed on the Esplanade most nights, when wind prevents flying

But Friday night was still, and the flight was long and successful.

The Eyes of Gawd were awesome in the Black Rock sky as our crew toured them all over.

We had two balloons, but one got away when lines crossed.

Bad luck with Balloons - This one burst shortly after this shot!

Night time the Man presides over the observatory.

His arms are raised, ready to burn.

The fireworks erupt through the dome and off the Man.

The fire starts...

Wave by-by and burn, Man!

Going Down...

The Morning After.

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