Burning Man 2006

Wednesday around 3:30

The Man at Sunset on Thursday 31 August 2K6

Aerial view of the city Friday around Noon

The red arrow points to the Tribe's camp, next to Arctica.  The line for ice is in front of us.

Brad assembling his ultralight.  Many thanks for all the flights for Tribesters.

The Dragon begins his Journey to the Man

The Dragon stretches off in the distance. It was 1257 feet long, and over 300 people big!

The Dragon on it's way to link up with the rest of the sections at the Man.

Jim keeps the Dragon in line with his bull horn.

Jim leads the Dragon to encircle and capture the Giraffes!

Aunt Flo peeks out from a Dragon section.


The Tesla coil and the Terrasphere

Bear family by center camp


Starry Bamboo Mandala - by Gerarde Minakawa.


I sat down and played some tunes on this piano - JD

This became known as the Belgian Waffle



The Pyramid was built from timbers salvaged from the fire of his father's business.  His father, 83, helped him.


Jim and Lisa with her Dragon


Our Clueless Leader, Artist Jim Bowers

The Pussy Inspectors

Bare wins the trophy this year.  Our very own ICE Queen...

Tim Black caught working at his camp, Mad Scientists

Kimmie and Black Dragons by Jim Bowers


The march of the LampLighters Guild

Just before the Burn, Art cars assemble to view the spectacle


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