K R A P - The Road Show -
The 1999 Burning Man Project
Three of us went to B M 99, put KRAP on the air there,
and we took some pictures.  These are some of them...




Ya talk about yer big chimes...

The KRAP Team... Barry, John, and Harry

The Heartbeat of KRAP... thump-thump....thump-thump...

The Cap'n & Sub...

The BRC Bijou Cinema

Here's a vehicle with a view...

Some typical members of our community....

Burn On, Friends !!
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KRAP - a Product of Mankind -
Thanx to  RV Doctor George
For making our studio possible, and making our journey towing the studio SAFE!
Thanx to  Coffee Works
For all that great coffee & caffeine that we all shared!

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