KRAP - a Product of Mankind
100.3 FM on the Playa
at Burning Man - 2002 -




Jack SparX himself at the Helm of the good ship KRAP



The boat donated by Good old RV Doctor George that Shady hauled for us at the Gigsville entrance...







Not my Tesla coil, but the other dudes who ran them this year





Wonderful cool desert showers, the WATER TRUCK!


That is what you see, a radio controlled Tumbleweed...


And my personal favorite, the yearly

Critical Tits Bicycle Rally



Say hi to Jim and Chris Bowers!

A father and son approach to Burning Man...


The Ladies of the Sea....



When the dust storm of Friday afternoon rolled in, we covered up..



Hey - That IS my Tesla coil, and ME too! 

Watch out the SparX don't set that beard on fire.

Burning Man....the BURN!








All things considered, it was a very good year...

--Jack SparX

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