Storm of 4th of January 2K8  Peak gust of 60 plus mph, sustained 25 to 40 in the city.  Sustained of 50 plus on the Yolo causeway.

I went to the shop, and here's some pics of that short journey. 


Arden Way, by the frosty stand before the rail  overpass.  This went down about 4:20 AM, and kept the shop without power until midnight.

In my neighborhood, trees were uprooted.


Here's the tree that used to be at the end of our shop yard, at the junkyard.  The guy that lives there ain't leaving soon...


Now it gets more personal.  Here's the wind damage at my houses.   The boat house took a branch through the roof! (No kayak damage - YAY)

Rick and I have a new throughway.


I also have a new path to another neighbor.



The old apple tree just snapped off, taking the roof of the shed and some of the fence with it.




Just one hell of a wind and rainstorm...!  Sunday I explored downtown and found more trees down and limbs and trash everywhere.  This small pine let go.

Then there was this old huge pine that blocked the whole street for a while.

And the root ball.  This base is over 15 foot across.



Artsy Stuff

It made for some beautiful texture shots, though!

Wrenched trunk wood

Moss that was way high and verdant before Friday

Do you think it knows life changed for it?


What energy and strength.  What a battle it must have been.













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