Shit Happens...


Shit Washes Off

yet again, Shit Happens



What we can learn from shit...

Shit is a decision, made by your body, of what to keep and what to throw away.  It's done at a very low level, so it is not prone to nostalgic ties to what is unusable, like higher order decisions.   Many of us could apply that principal better.

Shit is the great common denominator.  All creatures have input and output.  In fact, that may be a definition of life.  WOW.  To Shit is to live...  Hence Kings and commoners, dogs and cats, men and women, elephants and fleas all excrete what they do not use.

Shit is one end of the doughnut of life.   Think of your mouth as one side of a doughnut with a very long hole through it.  That's your food system.   It goes in, it comes out.   That's life, sucker!

Shit not where you eat.